Health Care Domain Course Contents.

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Course Contents

    • Introduction to Healthcare
      • Industry Standards
      • Transactions
      • HIPAA and non-HIPAA EDI Standards
      • Terminologies
    • Transactions in Details
      • Build EDI Transactions from scratch
      • 270-271, 276-277, 837, 835, 278, 275 transaction in details
      • Crosswalks and clearing house concepts
      • Trading partner concepts in health care
      • Non-HIPAA Transactions like CCR CCD
      • Communication through web service, xml
      • Assignment for building transactions using standards
    • Claims processing in details with steps and exercise
    • Claims processing systems and use cases
    • Crosswalks and government business like CMS medicare and FEP
    • Clinical and Care management
      • Design and plans and products
      • Design of health records
      • Care management portfolio
      • Private business and nation-wide business through ITS systems
    • Project Work
      • Actual project from BCBS involving clearing house, transactions and systems
      • Exercise involves use case survey, test plan, test cases, environment, specifications, analysis, RUP methodology
      • Health care databases, international business, health information network
    • Mock interviews and list of questions
    •  Help with resume building and references
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