Job Oriented Training

Since 2005, We have trained thousands of individuals with both non-technical and technical backgrounds for various IT career paths.

 At Yes-M Systems, We offer Classroom, Instructor-led Online Training and Corporate Training Programs. We have our training center located at located at Alpharetta, GA because we know the classroom provides an interruption-free learning environment.

Instructor-led Online Training is a live, hands-on training via remote instructor. We use Webinar Training Sessions to conduct the classes.  A webinar is a training session that is conducted over the telephone and the internet using a web conferencing system. This web conferencing system allows you to view live presentations from your desktop as well as listen and speak to the presenter over the telephone, and take part in the online training session. All you need to join a webinar is a good internet connection and access to a telephone. Once you have identified a webinar you would like to attend in the program below, register by filling in a registration form. The RCN will then email you with instructions on how to join the webinar. The RCN will also supply a freephone number to dial so that you can speak to the presenter, listen to the presentation and take part in the online training session.

 Our training classes are led by instructors with strong industry experience and innate passion for teaching. Training courses and course syllabus are designed by experts with wide experience, knowledge and understanding of the market.

We offer wide range of red-hot technology skills, Pick courses of your interest and empower yourself. Browse our list of courses here

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