What is Integration testing?

In integration testing the individual tested units are grouped as one and the interface between them is tested. Integration testing identifies the problems that occur when the individual units are combined i.e., it detects the problem in interface of the two units. Integration testing is done after unit testing.

Integration Testing Techniques

Top-down Approach

  • Begins testing from the top of the module hierarchy and works down to the bottom.
  • If the lower interfacing modules or programs are not ready then it is replaced by STUB.
  • STUB is a temporary Low Level Module which is does not do any action when LLM is under
  • Construction or not ready.

Bottom-up Approach

  • Begins testing from the bottom of the module hierarchy and works up to the top.
  • It requires the development of Driver Modules which provide the test input, call the module or program and display test output.
  • Driver is temporary high Level Module which will be used when main module is not developed.