What are Selenium 1.0 & Selenium 2.0?

 Selenium 1.0

  • Selenium RC was the main Selenium project for a long time, before the WebDriver/Selenium merge brought up Selenium 2, the newest and more powerful tool.
  • Now Selenium 1 is deprecated and is not actively supported (mostly in maintenance mode).

Selenium 2.0

  • Selenium 2 is the future direction of the project and the newest addition to the Selenium toolkit, which provides all sorts of awesome features, including a more cohesive and object oriented API as well as an answer to the limitations of the RC.
  • Both Selenium and WebDriver developers agreed that both tools have advantages and that merging the two projects would make a much more robust automation tool. Selenium 2.0 is the product of that effort.
  • It supports the WebDriver API and underlying technology, along with the Selenium 1 technology underneath the WebDriver API for maximum flexibility in porting your tests.
  • In addition, Selenium 2 still runs Selenium 1’s Selenium RC interface for backwards compatibility.