Tableau Training course.

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Tableau  Training – A Comprehensive Training –
Fundamentals, Advanced  and Tableau Visual 

From Yes-M Systems LLC

Student Location – To students from around the world
Delivery Method:
Instructor-Led – Live online Training

Tableau Training Course Details

Tableau Fundamentals


  • Tableau Desktop and the Tableau Product Line
  • Application Terminology
  • Visual Cues for Fields

Connecting to Data

  • Creating a Live Data Connection
  • Saving a Data Source
  • Sharing a Data Source
  • Understanding Changes to Data
  • Other Data Connection Options in Tableau

Creating Basic Visualizations

  • Getting Started in Tableau Desktop
  • Elements of Visualization
  • Formatting Your View

Simplifying and Sorting Your Data

  • Data Filtering
  • Sorting

Organizing your Data

  • Using Groups
  • Creating and Using Hierarchies
  • Creating a Combined Field
  • Using Sets

Slicing your Data by Date

  • Working with Dates
  • Using Discrete Date Parts
  • Creating Date Filters
  • Defining a Fiscal Year
  • Creating Custom Dates

Using Multiple Measures on the Same Axis

  • Comparing Views with Multiple Measures
  • Using Measure Values and Measure Names
  • Combo Charts
  • Combined or Shared Axis Charts
  • Creating Dual Axis Charts

Showing the Relationship between Numerical Values

  • Options for Showing Numerical Relationships
  • Creating Scatter Plots
  • Creating Heat Maps

Mapping Data Geographically

  • Mapping in Tableau
  • Geographic Mapping

Viewing Distributions

  • Bins and Histograms

Viewing Specific Values

  • Creating Crosstabs
  • Creating Highlight Tables
  • Grand Totals, Sub-totals, and Changing Aggregation

Customizing your Data

  • Calculation Types
  • Creating Calculated Fields
  • Using Logic Statements
  • Type Conversions and Date Calculations
  • Using Quick Table Calculations
  • Calculations and Aggregations

Using Parameters for Dynamic Values

Showing Breakdowns of the Whole

  • Pie Charts and Parts of the Whole
  • Creating Tree Maps

Highlighting Data with Reference Lines

  • Using Reference Lines and Reference Bands

Showing Data History

  • Creating Motion Charts

Making Your Views Available

  • Building Dashboards
  • Dashboard Actions
  • Using Drill Downs

Sharing Your Work

  • Export to an Image File
  • Exporting the Data Only
  • Other Sharing Options


Tableau Advanced


  • Review Fundamentals Concepts

Working with Single Data Sources

  • Desktop Data Architecture
  • Using Data Extracts
  • Custom SQL Data Connection

Using Multiple Data Sources

  • All about Joins
  • Using Data Blending

Using Calculations in Tableau

  • Creating and Editing Calculated Fields
  • Calculations Performed on the Database
  • Calculations and Aggregations
  • Aggregating Dimensions in Calculations
  • Record Level Calculations for Date Conversion

Advanced Table Calculations

  • Table Calculation Scope and Direction
  • Null Values in Table Calculations
  • Table Calculations for Statistical Analysis

Creating and Using Parameters

  • Using Parameters and Reference Lines
  • Using Parameters with Filters

Comparing Measures Against a Goal

  • Showing Total Progress toward a Goal (Bar in Bar Graph)
  • Showing Staged Progress toward a Goal (Bullet Graph)
  • Showing the Biggest and the Smallest Values

Tableau Geocoding

  • How Tableau Performs Automatic Geocoding of Data
  • Modifying Geocode Locations within Tableau
  • Custom Geocoding

Advanced Mapping

  • Dual Axis Maps
  • Mapping Paths
  • Using Background Images for Spatial Analysis

Showing Distributions of Data

  • Creating a Pareto Chart
  • Box and Whisker Plots
  • Reference Distributions

Statistics and Forecasting

  • Trend Lines
  • Forecasting

Overview of Additional Visualizations

  • Gantt Bar Chart (Program Management)
  • Market Basket Analysis (Cohort Analysis)
  • Spark lines
  • Waterfall Charts

Dashboards: Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters

  • Comparing Quick Filters, Actions, and Parameters
  • Highlight Actions
  • Filter Actions
  • URL Actions

Dashboard Best Practices

  • Sizing
  • Using Instructions
  • Dashboard Formatting

Sharing Your Work

  • Sharing Packaged Workbooks
  • Export to an Image File
  • Exporting the Data Only
  • Other Sharing Options


Tableau Visual Analytics


  • What is visual analytics?
  • Strengths and weakness of the human visual system

Laying the Groundwork for Visual Analysis

  • Analytical process
  • Preparing for analysis

Getting, Cleaning and Classifying Your Data

  • Cleaning, formatting and reshaping
  • Classifying your data
  • Using additional data to support your analysis

Visual Mapping Techniques

  • Working with human perceptual and cognitive process
  • Encoding data into visual form
  • Working with color

Solving Real-World Problems

  • Getting a feel for your data
  • Time series analysis
  • Looking up values – precision
  • Comparing categories and measures
  • Checking progress
  • Mapping

Communicating Your Findings

  • Fine-tuning for more effective visualization
  • Storytelling and guided analytics
  • Dashboards

Disclaimer: Yes-M Systems and/or their instructors reserve the right to make any changes to the syllabus as deemed necessary to best fulfil the course objectives. Students registered for this course will be made aware of any changes in a timely fashion using reasonable means.

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