Selenium WebDriver Training Syllabus.

  Course Details (PDF)
Selenium WebDriver with Java
From Yes-M Systems LLC

Length: 70 Hrs
Manual Testers/QA Professionals
Student Location
– To students from around the world
Delivery Method:
Instructor-Led – Live online Training

A.    Course Summary
About this Course:

Comprehensive course starting from Java/Python Language fundamentals to Selenium Webdriver Automation Script  development.  Automation Framework details also covered.

QA Professionals who is not having any programming experience or Manual Testers who seek a carrer in Automation testing can be greately benifitted from the course. People who are already having experience in other automation tools like QTP can also enhance their skill by attending the sessions.

AT Course Completion:

Able to Work on Selenium WebDriver Automation Tool and write test scripts using Java & Python
Able to develop Frameworks using WebDriver and Java.

B.    Contact us for more details:
Company name: Yes-M Systems
Phone numbers (USA):  678-643-7777, 678-248-0302
Phone number (India): 91-8220006968
Kudzu Reviews:

C.    Selenium WebDriver Course Syllabus Details

1.    Introduction (20 Hrs)
a.    Introduction to Automation Testing
c.    Selenium IDE
d.    Firebug/firepath/xpath checker/firefinder Addons
e.    Java
f.    JUnit/TestNG
g.    Python

2.    Installation (3 Hrs)
a.    Java JDK
b.    Eclipse
c.    Selenium WebDriver
d.    JUnit
e.    Firefox
f.    TestNG
g.    Python

3.    Inspecting Elements (Java & Python)(5 Hrs)
a.    findElement method
b.    findElements method
c.    name
d.    id
e.    tag name
f.    className
g.    linkText /partialLinkText
h.    xpath
i.    cssSelector

4.    Synchronizing a Test & Handling pop-up(Java & Python) (4 Hrs)
a.    Implicit wait
b.    explicit wait
c.    Pop-up window
d.    JavaScript
e.    Confirm box
f.    Prompt box

5.    Selenium API(Java & Python) (6 Hrs)
a.    Element text, attribute and CSS value
b.    Mouse and Keyboard events
c.    Capturing Screenshot
d.    Maximizing Browser window
e.    Dropdowns
f.    Radio buttons
g.    Checkbox
h.    Windows Registry

6.    Page Object Model (4 Hrs)
a.    Page Objects
b.    PageFactory class-exposing elements
c.    PageFactory class-exposing operation on a page

7.    Data-driven test (4 Hrs)

8.    Available WebDrivers (4 Hrs)
a.    FirefoxDriver
b.    InternetExplorerDriver
c.    ChromeDriver
d.    safari

9.    RemoteWebDriver/Grid (4 Hrs)

10.    Mobile Testing  (4 Hrs)
a.    Android
b.    iOS

11.    Project (10 Hrs)

12.    Interview Questions (2 Hrs)

Disclaimer: Yes-M Systems and/or their instructors reserve the right to make any changes to the syllabus as deemed necessary to best fulfil the course objectives. Students registered for this course will be made aware of any changes in a timely fashion using reasonable means. 

D.    About Yes-M Systems:
a.    Established in 2005 (Atlanta, GA, USA), 10th year in business.
b.    A+ accreditation from US Better Business Bureau (
c.    Received the “Best of 2012” and “Best of 2013” awards from US-based Kudzu (
d.    Trained close to 3000+ students from all over the world.
e.    Experienced, passionate and committed trainers
f.    IT Training in various technologies including Java, Dot Net, SAP, Oracle, QA, BA etc (See Courses We offer section for more information)
g.    Professional guidance/help with resumes and interview preparations. 
h.    Recruiter help with marketing/jobs
i.    Certification at the end of the training.

E.    Courses we offer:
a)    QA and BA courses:
    QA [Quality Assurance or QA Testing]
    BA [Business Analysis or Business Analyst]
    QA and BA as a single course (Integrated QA+BA) at a reduced fee.
    Advanced/specialization courses:
a.     60-hour Selenium course with Core Java
b.    ETL Testing
c.    Advanced Mobile Testing
d.    Advanced QTP
e.    Any combination of a, b, c, d.

    Certification QA
a.    QTP
b.    ISTQB
c.    Quality Center

    Healthcare and Finance specialization
a.    Healthcare as a Domain Class
b.    Healthcare BA [Business Analyst with specialization in Healthcare]
c.    Healthcare QA [Business Analyst with specialization in Healthcare]
d.    Healthcare QA [Quality Assurance or QA Testing]
e.    Business analyst with Finance specialization.
f.    Quality Assurance with Finance specialization

b)    Java courses:
a.    Core Java
b.   Advanced Java
c)    Combination of Core Java and Advanced Java
    Healthcare and Finance specialization
a.    Healthcare as a Domain Class
g.    Healthcare BA [Business Analyst with specialization in Healthcare]
h.    Healthcare QA [Business Analyst with specialization in Healthcare]
i.    Healthcare QA [Quality Assurance or QA Testing]
j.    Business analyst with Finance specialization.
k.    Quality Assurance with Finance specialization

c. )   Microsoft Courses:
a.    Dot Net
b.    Microsoft Business Intelligence [MS BI]
c.    Sharepoint
d.    MS SQL Server

d)    SAP Courses:
a.    SAP FICO
b.    SAP MM
c.    SAP HR
d.    SAP BO
e.    SAP BI
f.    SAP HANA

e)    Oracle Courses:
a.    Oracle Financial
b.    Oracle DBA
c.    PL/SQL

f)    Other Courses:
a.    Hadoop
b.    Hadoop with Java
c.    Salesforce
d.    Project Management (PMP)
e.    Maximo
f.    Tabeau
g.    Informatica
h.    Cognos

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