ETL Testing Training Syllabus.

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ETL Testing
From Yes-M Systems LLC

Length: 20-22 Hours Course
Pre-Requisite: SQL [We can teach you SQL along with ETL Testing]

Student Location – To students from around the world
Delivery Method:
Instructor-Led – Live online Training


ETL Testing Syllabus

1.    ETL Testing
1.1.    Introduction of ETL-Extract, Transform, Load
1.2.    SQL Concepts
1.3.    OLTP , OLCP, OLAP
1.4.    OLTP vs. OLAP
1.5.    Data Extraction
1.6.    Data Transformation
1.7.    Data Loading
1.8.    Data Marts
1.9.    Dependent Data Mart
1.10.Independent Data Mart
1.11.Data Base Design
1.12.ETL TOOLS and Diff Types of ETL Tools
1.16.Roles and Responsibilities
1.17.Minus, Duplicate, Count, Intersection, Except, etc…
1.18.Detect Defects
1.19.Defects Logging and Reporting
1.20.How to prepare Queries to test the ETL process
1.21.Performance Tuning and Performance Testing
1.22.Test plan Preparation
1.23.Test cases Preparation
1.24.Preparation of Test data
1.25.Process Of ETL Testing
1.26.Different Types of ETL Testing
1.27.Testing ETL deployments
1.28.Data Warehousing Concepts
1.28.1.    Data warehouse architecture
1.28.2.    Datamart
1.28.3.    Dimensions, identifying dimensions
1.28.4.    Facts, identifying facts
1.28.5.    SCHEMA
1.28.6.    Star Schema
1.28.7.    Snow Flake Schema
1.28.8.    Types of tables in data warehouse
1.28.9.    Cube and purpose of cube.

Disclaimer: Yes-M Systems and/or their instructors reserve the right to make any changes to the syllabus as deemed necessary to best fulfil the course objectives. Students registered for this course will be made aware of any changes in a timely fashion using reasonable means.

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